James Stringer Photography Portraits

$299 incl GST

James Stringer offers portrait photos in Auckland.  Based in Kingsland, he works out of a full-scale professional photography studio (with plenty of parking!). Whether you’re a professional or student, James can create a professional portrait for you - or an entire series of photos! When you’re looking for an excellent portrait photography service in Auckland, James is the answer!


How can a portrait help you?


Your LinkedIn profile is 11 times more likely to be viewed if you have a professional portrait


You’ll receive 40 per cent more InMail responses on LinkedIn if you have a professional portrait


Why choose James?


James understands how to get the best out of people. James has got years of experience to boot, access to the latest equipment and a full-feature studio, allowing him to produce professional and consistent portraits 


Are you confident having your photo taken, totally camera shy or somewhere in the middle? No matter how you feel, James will make the portrait process as comfortable as possible by making you feel completely at ease. He’ll work with you to get a shot you love, because he cares about results


A professional portrait helps your personality shine on social networking sites such as LinkedIn. Check out out the facts above and see how a professional portrait can help you enter more conversations and look like an expert in your field

What's included?

  • 6 images of your choice, delivered via email
  • Up to 45 Minutes shooting time in a professional photography studio with pro Canon gear
  • Both web size and high res size images provided
  • You see the shots while shooting on a PC so that you can be sure you are getting what you need

Portrait Photography Pricing

$299 including GST for individuals

Volume Pricing starting at 3 or more people

If you have friends or colleagues who also want a new portrait, book together and come as a group to receive discounted rates

If you are organising staff portraits for your business, please get in touch with details so James is able to provide you a competitive estimate

How to book?

Give James a call or email on



He should be able to book you in for a portrait within the week

What to wear?

Please bring with you what you would wear to an important business meeting, you're welcome to bring a couple of shirts, or jacket options so you can get a range of different images suitable for different occasions, but remember - the modern cameras that James uses are very sharp and detailed, so please ensure your clothing is properly ironed, lint free and that you're looking sharp - the camera shows all.

Download our information PDF here